Neck, Back & Shoulders
This treatment provides you with a deep tissue massage to ease away any tension you may have from your daily routines.  If you suffer from reoccurring headaches, stiff neck, shore lower back and poor movement in the shoulders, this is the perfect treatment for you.

Post Event Massage
We all know that after participating in any vigorous sporting event our muscles feel tight and sore. This massage helps to get rid of any waste products in the muscle. These are also stretched at the end of the session so you feel good as new.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
If you suffer from swollen joints, this treatment help to flush away any fluid that maybe present. A great way to speed up the recovery process after an acute injury has occurred.  This in turn will allow you to have more movement in the joint.

Maintenance Massage
This treatment provides you with a whole body deep tissue massage. This helps to promote the circulation to the muscles, helping the muscles to relax and aid recovery. You will be stretched off at the end of the session to help with certain ranges of movement in different joints.  This type of massage helps to prevent future injury as you will be far more flexible when either taking part in sporting events or just general daily chores.